The FreeStyle Libre CGM from Abbott Labs

My experience with a CGM (Continuous Glucose Monitor).

I had my first experience with a CGM from Medtronic in January 2010.  The sensor was difficult to insert into my body, only lasted 3 days and needed constant calibration finger sticks.  Also the readings were often so inaccurate, they could not be used for insulin doses.  I used it for about 3 months before deciding it was more trouble than it was worth.

A CGM WITHOUT finger sticks.

Now I have found a new device made by Abbott Labs that may actually work for me.  Its call the FreeStyle Libre sensor that automatically measures glucose readings day and night and is accurate for insulin dosing.  This device doesn’t require finger sticks for calibration.  They have been selling this device in Europe for about 2 years.  The only problem is that it’s not yet available in the USA.  If you go to the FreeStyle Libre website you can sign up to be notified when the device will be available.

If I do manage to get this device someday,  I will put it to the test and post my experience.  Also the Europeans are paying about $70 dollars for one sensor that lasts 14 days.  Cannot wait to see the price when it’s sold in the USA.


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Wow, this was great. Keep writing this kind of posts, you will get a lot of people to this page if you continue working on this. I will be coming back this page more often. thx

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